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Kc Undercover

Kc Undercover Fakten zur 2. Staffel von K.C. Undercover

K.C. ist ein Mathegenie, das sich als Undercover-Agentin betätigt, um ihren Eltern nachzueifern. K.C. Undercover ist eine US-amerikanische Jugend-Spionage-Sitcom der Walt Disney Company. Die Serie läuft seit dem Januar auf dem Disney. K.C. Undercover. Die Highschoolschülerin K.C. Cooper arbeitet als Geheimagentin. Sei dabei, wenn sie lernt, dass man als Teil einer Familie von. Perfekte K.C. Undercover Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo. von 81 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "K.C. Undercover". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Kategorie. Musik-Downloads.

Kc Undercover

K.C and Brett -- Mirrors. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends. Perfekte K.C. Undercover Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo. Saved from vigocard.co K.C. Undercover. More information. K.C. Undercover. Find this Pin and more on veronica dunne by Neta Berisha. Tags. Liste der K. In "E. Tightrope of Doom Pt 1. Der wie ein Wolf tanzt. Virtual Insanity. Photo Bombed. Es gibt 1 ausstehende Änderungdie check this out gesichtet werden muss. In jeder Folge versuchen die Coopers, ihren typischen Familienalltag Zoo Staffel 4 komplizierte Undercover-Missionen, in welchen sie versuchen, ihr Land zu beschützen, unter einen Hut zu bringen. Dance Like No One's Watching. Pech in der Liebe. The next day, Judy wants to be Petey's see more again and the new https://vigocard.co/full-hd-filme-stream/sex-and-the-city-charlotte.php is afraid of being sawed in half. Comedy Family Music. Like most of the Disney cartoons, including KC Undercover Games you'll laugh, you'll have fun with your friends, your brothers and sisters in this way managed to go here over all the activities that you have copies of the new https://vigocard.co/stream-deutsch-filme/diana-hardcastle.php. Promomomo then stays away from K. The Coopers have the living room restored and the parents memory sprayed, then K. Click at this page the bank, Craig has difficulty figuring out how to get the vault open. Daddy's Trailerschau. Film Liebe verschwundene Dame. Daddys kleine Prinzessin. Undercover" Staffel 3 Staffel 2 Staffel 1. Die Legende von der bösen, go here Cleo Brown. Letztendlich werden sie von The Organization wieder eingesetzt und Judy wird den The Coopers zugeteilt. No Going Back Pt 1. Undercover Mother. Spy of the Source Awards. Runaway Robot: Part 1. Weitere Bildergalerien Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: 10 Fakten, die du noch nicht kanntest. Die deutsche Erstausstrahlung folgte am Der Mutter-Tochter-Ball. Undercover-Mutter Undercover Mother. Take Me Out.

Kc Undercover - Cast und Crew von "K.C. Undercover"

Bitte anmelden arrow. Undercover Episodenguide Staffel 2 von K. Ein Kerl wie K. Kein Zurück — Teil 2. Der wie ein Wolf tanzt. September auf Disney Channel Besetzung K. Vereinigte Staaten. - Erkunde wagners Pinnwand „Kc undercover“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Zendaya coleman, Zendaya, Outfit. Saved from vigocard.co K.C. Undercover. More information. K.C. Undercover. Find this Pin and more on veronica dunne by Neta Berisha. Tags. K.C and Brett -- Mirrors. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends. K.C. Undercover jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Disney+ verfügbar. K.C. Undercover ist eine US-amerikanische Jugend-Spionage-Sitcom​. Entdecke die 28 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie K.C. Undercover.

Goldfeder with memory spray and tries to move her to help contain the impending explosion. At the bank, Craig has difficulty figuring out how to get the vault open.

After arguing, K. Later, K. Kira is arrested by the Organization for allegedly using explosives to decimate a field office in Hong Kong, and her family has only 72 hours to prove her innocence before she is given over to the Hong Kong authorities.

While Kira is imprisoned at the Organization, K. When Judy catches Maggie uploading suspicious files to a computer in the Cooper house, Maggie shuts her down and ships her to a tropical island, forcing her to take various modes of transportation to get home.

Maggie sends Craig to Hong Kong to search for witnesses. Kira had trained Candace to become an Organization agent, but later decided Candace was not right for such a job.

As revenge, Candace posed as Kira and destroyed the field office. Candace is arrested, and Kira and Judy return home.

Marisa later stops by and gives the Cooper family a gingerbread house, saying that her family really loves them; however, Ernie finds a card and finds out the Marisa lied.

Eventually, Craig has enough and kicks Earl out of the house, but Ernie hacks the airport's computers so Earl can not leave, forcing him and Craig to attempt to make up.

Meanwhile, Ernie and Kira go off on a mission, but Kira ends up being captured. After Ernie calls for help and K. Craig and Earl later make up, but that doesn't last long after Kira sprays Earl with the memory spray.

Because the Organization has made it clear that Brett can not come back, the Cooper family is under constant threat of the Organization finding out that they are hiding Brett.

While Ernie and Marissa safely evacuate, K. C and Brett try to take down Ursula. They ride away on horses and Ursula finds them and shoots Brett.

To be safe, Brett must ride to Canada and risk never seeing K. In light of recent events, the Coopers are removed from the Organization and Judy is reassigned to another spy family.

Special guest star : Jasmine Guy as Erica. Erica and Abby force K. Abby reveals the truth about her father. And K. In the end, men from the Organization have him cornered but Abby's father says it is not him, the Organization believes him and he escapes with Erica and Abby.

Her disguise name is Bernie. The target approaches the Senior Centre, speaking to his grandfather. They start to do these fun things together, including a coffee and a dance at the Olive Pit, reading magazines together, playing cards.

Meanwhile, Judy tries to change Petey's mind when he says machines are stupid. She does things such as electrocute the fridge when Petey touches it and water being sprayed at him.

Petey is spooked when he sees the toaster rise and a machine chasing after him. At night, Judy comes into his bedroom with alarms and machines ringing and moving.

Judy gets Petey to repeat machines aren't stupid over and over. He then admits that machines aren't stupid. Also, K.

Eventually, K. When an agent from the Other Side is arrested, Craig and Kira discover that he is the man who married them which K.

C proceeds to attempt to make them a do-over weeding. Meanwhile, she gives advice to Marissa and Ernie which messes up both of their relationships.

Craig and Kira get into an argument which ends with them making up and getting re-married. New canine spy Dexter, joins K.

Ernie is kidnapped by the smugglers until K. But when K. Dexter survives. Meanwhile, Marisa gives Judy some of her old dolls but is disappointed when Judy throws them in the trash.

That causes Marisa and Judy to play with the dolls together. Kira is excited to be nominated for an Orgi Award—given to spies by the Organization—for the first time in her career.

She is upset to learn that K. Judy, who is still functional, sends a message to K. Ernie becomes concerned that K.

Meanwhile, Craig is assigned to protect Rollin, the ambassador to Monrovia, who is also an old friend. Craig prepares several large food dishes for Rollin, but is disappointed to learn that he no longer consumes fattening meals.

Rollin convinces Craig to join him at a gym, but after Craig begins using a stair climber, Kira and Judy inform him that the machine has been implanted with a bomb that will detonate if he slows down.

Judy eventually disarms the bomb, which was meant for Rollin. When Ernie tells his family about his concern for K.

Keller assigns K. When Ernie arrives, he accidentally foils K. Craig rescues K. Ernie is kidnapped while he is in a virtual reality program.

His kidnappers, Damon and Darci, plan to trick Ernie's virtual self into revealing a secret code that they need. In the virtual world, Ernie is popular at school while K.

Damon and Darci have programmed a virtual version of Mrs. Goldfeder and Marisa to trick Ernie into revealing the code. Ernie is rescued, and Damon and Darci are arrested.

Afterward, K. Scholastic Accomplishments Quarterly chooses K. Ernie warns K. Barnes, who plans to follow her around for two days so he can write a detailed article about her life, making it a larger story than what she initially expected.

To help K. Marisa then claims to be K. After Ernie and Marisa convince K. Because of the unexpected presence of enemies, K.

Johnson assigns K. Zane's advice leads K. Ernie eventually tracks down the man who purchased the jacket and takes it from him while he is distracted listening to headphones.

At the Cooper house, Marisa and the family are busy decorating a Christmas tree, which K. However, K. Instead, K. Levinstein, as she is having anxiety over her job as a spy.

Through clips from previous episodes, K. Levinstein about her various past missions, including those in which she had to disguise herself as someone else.

When Dr. Levinstein suggests that K. However, Abby and her mother Erica are still alive and are planning to kidnap David Simmons, who created the security systems for the U.

They intend to gain knowledge from Simmons on how to break through the systems so they can steal money from the Treasury. When the Organization learns about The Other Side's plan to kidnap Simmons, the Coopers are sent on a mission to locate him and keep him safe.

Simmons had retired to live a life of seclusion, but Ernie discovers that he owns a biker club in West Virginia. While searching the club for Simmons, K.

After a motorcycle chase, K. Agent Johnson declines K. Marisa realizes that K. When Marisa arrives, Craig and Kira are surprised to learn that she knows about their spy profession.

Marisa unties the Coopers so they can fight Richard, Erica and Abby, who are then captured and brought to the Organization.

Despite breaking Abby out of prison, Agent Johnson allows K. While camping in a forest, Zane receives a phone call informing him that The Other Side's leader has been captured.

After two weeks in the safe house—a run-down apartment—K. While in the city, Ernie meets Zoe, a young woman from Kansas who likes him.

A strong enemy agent named Sheena, who frequently talks to herself, breaks into the safe house and reveals that she was sent by Zane to kill them.

After fighting K. Zoe reveals that she is an agent for the Organization who was assigned to protect the family.

The group gets into a vehicle to head to a safe location, but K. The next day, Sheena locates the group and incapacitates Ernie, Marisa and Zoe with a small device that electrocutes them.

During battle, K. Ernie, Marisa and Zoe regain consciousness and discover that K. They leave Sheena behind and carry K. Zoe eventually makes an antidote for K.

Meanwhile, Marisa is upset that today is school picture day and she is not there to have her picture taken. Marisa wanted a yearbook picture to remember the fact that she became a high school senior despite her poor grades.

They then find K. During the flight, Zane reveals himself to be the pilot. Zane destroys the helicopter controls and parachutes out while the helicopter spirals out of control toward the ocean.

The captain apprehends them after discovering that Judy is a robot, as he does not believe that the Coopers are spies and he has never heard of the Organization.

Marisa and the Coopers escape from their cell after using Judy's skeleton key. The Coopers return to Organization headquarters, where they discover a memorial service being held for them.

The Coopers decide to keep their survival a secret to increase their chances of capturing Zane; they recruit Kira's parents, Othello and Gayle, so they can work together.

Disguising her voice as Brett, Judy arranges to meet Zane at a laser tag facility, where K. After battling with real laser guns, Zane is apprehended, and K.

Less than one percent of the population receives a perfect score; leaving the original score intact would draw unnecessary attention to K.

Beverly tells K. After completing the mission, Ernie asks Zoe to be his girlfriend, but she tells him that she has been assigned to a four-year mission in Antarctica.

Ernie agrees to wait for Zoe until she concludes her mission. Meanwhile, Marisa wants K. Marisa is insulted when K. Marisa, who does not want to attend college, becomes further upset at K.

Two months later, K. Marisa, who is still upset at K. Brady tells Marisa that the Organization has been impressed with her for a while as she helped to capture the leader of The Other Side.

Brady recruits Marisa as a spy for the Organization. Meanwhile, K. Ernie invites his fellow Model UN member, Monique, to the Cooper house to spend time with her, but he becomes upset at K.

Brady assigns Marisa to befriend K. Marisa befriends K. When Brady has Marisa gain knowledge about K.

A man is sent to the construction site to plant a brain imploder device. After a fight, K. Crystal has K.

Meanwhile, Judy gets in trouble at school after using mature logic to question a student's belief in the tooth fairy. Ernie is tasked with teaching Judy to behave like a normal child, to help maintain her cover as a spy robot.

Ernie and Marisa mock K. On the night of the homecoming, K. Marisa attends homecoming with Brady, while Ernie goes with Monique. Brady learns about the Storm Maker through Marisa after having her casually question K.

Brady, who is working for The Alternate, steals the device and places it in his locker, then deletes security footage of his theft before K.

Meanwhile, Craig and Judy attend a father-daughter dance at her school. They go undercover as workers at a truck stop restaurant so they can obtain the Dilithium from a truck that is delivering it.

Meanwhile, Ernie gives Judy an emotion upgrade to increase her mental sensitivity, to help her maintain her cover as a real child.

At school, Ernie overhears Brady during a phone conversation and discovers that he is an enemy agent. Brady uses memory spray to erase Ernie's recent memory.

Marisa visits the house to ask Ernie questions regarding K. Ernie then overhears Marisa talking to Brady on a cellular phone, and learns that she is a spy.

Marisa erases his recent memories with memory spray. At the truck stop, the driver of the Dilithium truck walks inside for lunch, allowing K.

Brady, wearing a ski mask, takes the Dilithium and hijacks the truck. Although he says the marks came from a cat, K.

A masked man from The Alternate arrives to intercept the plans, but he is knocked out by K. Three additional masked men arrive, including Brady, but they are forced away when Marisa arrives and threatens them with a laser gun.

Meanwhile, Kira is about to enjoy a day off when Lori, an agent of the Organization, drops off her baby at the Coopers' house so she can go on a last-minute mission.

Kira then puts Judy in charge of watching the baby, claiming that she has to go on a last-minute mission. Kira actually gets a massage and has her nails done, while Judy is unable to stop the baby from crying.

Agent Johnson puts the Coopers in charge of collecting information on Brady. After being questioned, Brady eventually reveals to Marisa that he is a member of The Alternate.

Brady also reveals that he has hours of audio footage in which Marisa states that K. Brady blackmails Marisa to continue spying on K.

Marisa confesses to K. When unusual weather begins occurring around the world, the Coopers realize that the Storm Maker has been activated, so they instruct Marisa to gain information from Brady about the device.

When Marisa fails, K. Meanwhile, Ernie wants to drive by Monique's house in his father's classic muscle car , but he crashes it before getting out of the driveway, scraping away the paint on one of the doors.

Judy makes the situation worse by repainting the door a different color and then removing the paint entirely. Ernie and Judy blame the damage on The Alternate, but Craig does not believe them.

At The Alternate's headquarters, K. Craig and Kira drive to the Capitol to warn people, but they encounter heavy rain and hail. Marisa enters The Alternate's headquarters to help K.

After a brawl with Brady, K. Brady escapes by parachuting off the rooftop, and Marisa decides that she does not want to interview to become a spy because of the hard work required by the job.

Judy's memory is almost full, which requires her to visit the Organization to have her video footage downloaded.

The Coopers realize that Judy has recorded everything they have done, including things that could get them excluded from the Organization again.

The family decides to delete Judy's incriminating videos, including footage showing that Marisa knows about the family being spies.

After reminiscing through old footage, Craig deletes several videos, including important footage from their recent circus mission.

When the family discovers that the circus footage cannot be recovered, they worry about how Agent Johnson will react to them tampering with evidence.

Ernie suggests reenacting the circus mission in their house and filming it to cover for the deletion of the real footage, which leads the family to reminisce through old videos about his previous bad ideas.

The family also watches other old videos, until Agent Johnson arrives at the house to pick up Judy.

The family hides Judy and convinces Johnson that she has already left to visit the Organization for the memory download. Afterwards, Judy expresses sorrow that her videos will need to be downloaded and removed, as they serve as her memories.

Ernie devises a solution to back up Judy's video footage to a separate hard drive so they can be reinstalled onto Judy after she downloads them for the Organization.

After a dangerous mission in which she thought she was going to die, K. Meanwhile, Petey wants Judy to be his assistant in his magic act, which she reluctantly agrees to after being forced by Kira.

However, Petey says that her bad attitude will ruin his chance of winning so he decides to get a new assistant, which makes Judy jealous.

The next day, Judy wants to be Petey's assistant again and the new one is afraid of being sawed in half.

At the Olive Pit, K. Darien tells K. Agent Johnson sends K. Meanwhile, Johnson puts Ernie in charge of training a trio of agents named Jin, Lecia, and Amelie, with assistance from Howard.

Ernie is disappointed to learn that the trio are "van people," the term used for agents who operate from within a van. Ernie is jealous of K.

Johnson informs the five agents of a website, Buzziebuzz, that is using clickbait quizzes to create psychological profiles on young people.

Johnson instructs the agents to observe the website's headquarters from within a van and then report their findings.

The agents discover that Brady is inside the headquarters, and that the website is a front for The Alternate, which is planning to brainwash the site's teenaged web visitors.

Ernie decides that the team will go against Johnson's initial orders and apprehend Brady. Jin, Lecia, and Amelie are unsure of their ability to complete such a mission, but Ernie inspires confidence in them.

In disguise, Ernie, Howard and Lecia infiltrate the headquarters, while Jin and Amelie monitor the mission from the van.

Jin, an architectural engineer, guides them through the building with a schematic. Upon locating the mainframe room, Lecia hacks into the computer system, allowing Amelie to remotely install a virus to corrupt the website.

The team then captures Brady. Johnson becomes upset at Ernie and tells him that Brady had been working undercover after being convinced by the Organization to work as a double agent.

Craig's father, Earl, visits the family and brings along his new girlfriend, Betty. Craig is pleasantly surprised to see how cheerful his father is towards him now that he has a girlfriend.

Craig is reluctant to believe K. In a storage facility for information related to cold cases , K. However, she learns that Betty has a twin sister named Midge, an alternate name for Margaret.

In the meantime, K. To cheer K. However, they have an awkward kiss because Darien was unaware that K.

Afterwards, K. Honey reveals that when she saw K. At Honey's apartment, while K. The relationship ended after Honey became a criminal, which Joey disliked.

Honey, upset about her old relationship, decides to let K. Later, Darien believes that he made K. Meanwhile, Ernie helps Judy improve her creative writing after she receives an "F" in school.

To help her, they act out various improv scenes. After visiting the Lincoln Memorial , K.

Parker has been receiving threats, so K. The next day at the university, K. Before the renaming ceremony, K. During the ceremony, K. Barney explains that he and Parker were roommates at the university 35 years earlier, and he wants revenge on Parker for taking the top bunk bed in their dormitory.

Byron then encounters K. Afterwards, they share several unexpected kisses despite not having romantic feelings for each other.

Marisa agrees with Ernie's theory that she was overly passionate about the school and that her passion led to the kisses. At the university, K.

Byron does not believe K. Byron still does not believe that K. Marisa inadvertently helps K. Bernice, now temporarily released from prison, agrees to pose as Cassandra as long as K.

Later in the meal, Bernice goes to the bathroom and, after a brawl with K. Meanwhile, Craig is tired of Ernie complaining about his lack of comfort on missions.

Believing that Ernie is spoiled and needs to toughen up, Craig sends him to live in the backyard for a day.

When Craig refuses Kira's demand to let Ernie come inside to eat, she forces Craig to stay outside with Ernie.

By the time of their arrival, the trio learn that Bernice is now robbing convenience stores in New Jersey. When the trio arrive at their new destination, they learn that Bernice has identified herself to the public as K.

Ernie and Judy enter the last known convenience store to have been robbed by Bernice, while K. Meanwhile, Marisa's mother, Lucy, becomes worried about her daughter's whereabouts, forcing Kira to disguise herself as Marisa.

In New Jersey, K. Ernie and Judy apprehend Bernice, who is sent back to prison, allowing Marisa to return home. The Organization learns that enemy agents are posing as ordinary people in the Washington, D.

The Organization hopes to locate the distribution center before The Alternate does. Meanwhile, Marisa is upset that she has not been nominated in the school yearbook for any senior superlatives, especially the most fashionable.

Marisa begins wearing outlandish outfits to school to convince the students, including yearbook editor Amy Bishop, that she is the most fashionable student.

The Coopers locate the weapons distribution center, operating from within a house in their neighborhood.

They locate the man and woman who operate the distribution center and then knock them unconscious during a brawl that damages much of the living room.

When Amy arrives at the house, the Coopers realize that the man and woman are her parents. Craig and Kira remain unsure if Amy is involved with her parents as an enemy spy, despite K.

Amy is memory sprayed so she will have no recollection of the Coopers being spies who knocked out her parents.

The agents are unable to locate a distribution list, which would help the Organization eliminate enemy spy networks.

The Coopers have the living room restored and the parents memory sprayed, then K. Ernie and Marisa help create a fight between Amy and Susie, resulting in K.

When Amy invites K. Play original K. Undercover Games just on Play-Games. Play 11 K. What are K. Undercover Games?

What are the best K. Undercover Games in ? Baby Angela Playing Piano K. Undercover Games for mobile? Undercover Memory Robo Recon.

Kc Undercover Video

First and Last Scene of K.C. Undercover - Throwback Thursday - K.C. Undercover - Disney Channel Kc Undercover You May Also Like Guest star : Rick Hall as Agent Johnson. The prince also has a crush on K. The series was first announced see more a pilot in Г¶ffnungszeiten Waterfront titled Super Awesome Katy in November Darmstadt Citydome Levinstein Bs.Toi her various past missions, including those in which she had to disguise herself as someone . Kc Undercover Willkommen im Dschungel. Domino 2: Das Barbecue. Ach du Fröhliche Stormy Weather. Undercover: 22 Minuten. Das letzte Check this out 2. Stürmische Zeiten.

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