Vigo Calgary | How We Got Here

a local’s "travel" guide to Calgary

As Cass and I graduated with our first undergraduate degrees and entered into full-time jobs, we felt the ultimate thrust into the world of FOMO. FOMO is a word that was recently added to the Oxford dictionary after being adopted widely by popular culture. The acronym stands for the “fear of missing out”, and reflects a culture that is constantly searching for the next best travel destination, date night spot, or nightlife vibe that you are definitely missing as you go about your life.

Gone were our summers of backpacking in far away countries; these adventures being replaced by the steady flow of life. We couldn’t help but feel like we were missing out on the exploration both of the world and of ourselves that came with our summer travels.

Despite the pause of our yearly escapes, this new graduated life brought an unexpected adventure. Free from the assignment due dates and exam cramming, we were tasked with the adventure of deciding for the first time in our young adult lives how we wanted to fill our time. The extreme pace of balancing school, part-time jobs, friends, and volunteer work had suddenly slowed - making way for choice. For the first time we had a chance to look up, look around, and choose what we wanted our lives to look like.

We decided to embrace FOMO’s more beautiful counter culture, JOMO, the “joy of missing out”. JOMO focuses on the joy that comes when we embrace choosing; choosing what we actually want to do, and engage with those choices fully. Now, while we have tucked away our backpacking packs, we have still chosen to sink into self exploration and curiosity. We are intentionally setting out to to get out of our comfort zones and transfer the energy we had been putting into our higher education into learning outside of the classroom.

As we dove into the task of getting out of our comfort zones, we realized that with our heads down studying, we had been doing the same things for the past four years - going to the same happy hour near our home of 17th Ave, ordering the same cappuccino at our Downtown Calgary spot, and going to the same box office movies. We wanted to break away from our routine but we had no idea where to start.

Such was born the merge of the discovery of our city, Calgary, with the discovery of ourselves. We would always be missing something, but we wanted to know we were choosing Calgary events, restaurants and coffee shops that supported our fellow Calgarians as we invested our time and money.

From our own personal curation of a short list of new things to try and new places to go, Vigo was born, a local’s "travel" guide to Calgary. We want to share the joy of missing out. The joy that comes from choosing to invest your money in local businesses. The joy that comes from choosing to find a new favorite happy hour, a new favorite coffee roaster, and a new favorite underground theatre. The joy that comes from shaking up your routine and spending time with real people in places that were built by other Calgarians.


Written by Emily