Meet Vigo.

take a journey through your city

Meet Vigo. From the Italian word viaggio, meaning journey, we discovered the word vigo, which means neighborhood. To us, Vigo signifies the journey through your city. This name allows us to share the Vigo Adventure Card with people who may not yet identify as a local. For those moving to Calgary from their hometown, for newcomers to Canada, and the nomads within all of us - Vigo is your guide to discovering the culture and vibrancy of this city while getting out of your comfort zone, saving money and contributing to the local economy.

We believe that more people should be able to enjoy the wonders of the city they live in, participate in culture and arts, and feel apart of something bigger. We have big dreams and the concept of Vigo will allow us to expand the Adventure Card and thus expand our support of locally owned businesses and increased engagement in the arts to other cities like Calgary.

We are Vigo and we are so happy to meet you! We can not wait to unveil the Summer 2018 Calgary Adventure Card. Let’s start this journey of discovering Calgary, together.

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