You're more adventurous than you think you are

Emily here! I have one thing on my mind right now; summer. The mystical season we have all been waiting for; waiting for what feels like an eternity is finally here! Calgarians are flocking out of hibernation and are ready to enjoy their beautiful city. However, even with the best intentions, it is hard to break free from the winter groove we have spent so long getting into.

Instead of hitting up the same cookie-cutter restaurants and coffee shops, let me paint you a picture of what your summer could look like.

You are strolling through the cozy streets of Kensington and find a local restaurant, Brasserie, offering all-day Happy Hour to their favourite new customers. Their accordion windows are open wide letting the hum of activity on the street drift in, the modern-rustic decor feels like home, and the happy-hour prices allow you to sample some of the tastiest local beers the city has to offer.

Next, you venture across the street to a little art studio, Raw Canvas, where you decide to let the artist within you free (I promise there is one). The Black Light Paint Night inspires you to experiment with the canvas and create something you never thought you could.

With all of your creative juices flowing, you feel like moving in creative ways as well! You decide to drop into a yoga class at Yoga Nova Studio, a yoga studio with an energetic twist. After stretching and grooving on your matt, you head downstairs to Nova Coffee House to enjoy 25% off an avocado toast, sitting in the sun on their sleek patio.

The next week, you feel like laughing your pants off and decide to check out Loose Moose, a local improv comedy theatre. Their concession is complete with local beers on tap, the quirky humour of the show is something you have never experienced, and it feels great to support local entertainers.

You’re on a roll trying new things so you enroll in a macaron baking class at Ollia Macarons and Tea. You are shocked to learn how much precision goes into making these tiny French sweets and are proud to have a new talent under your belt to impress dates with (trust me they’ll be impressed).

You are only 1 month into summer and can’t believe how much you’ve experienced and grown right here at home! There are still 3 months until Fall and you are confident that is this going to be the richest summer of your life!


Woah - that sounds like a pretty epic first couple weeks of summer! Good for you for getting out there and trying so many new things! I’d ask how you did it, but I think I know the answer ;)

I can’t wait to experience Calgary to its fullest together this May - August.