The Vigo Card is a unique perks card designed to encourage Calgarians to get out and try new restaurants, cafes, and cultural experiences, all while keeping their money in the local economy. At the heart of Vigo is a mission to get Calgarians connected to the amazing businesses that call Calgary home.



After beginning to realize how many incredible and unique experiences were hidden in the city, co-founders Cass and Emily set out to create something that they believe is missing in the space of local tourism and culture in Calgary. While there are many sources of a complete list of things to do in Calgary, these lists and blogs all shared the need for you to choose from a huge directory of experiences and restaurants. That choice can be overwhelming, even for local Calgarians. We set out to curate a small niche list of Calgary experiences and things to try focusing on the arts, culture, and local business of the city. Vigo is for locals by locals, making it easier to take the leap and try new things.  



The Summer 2018 Vigo Card is valid from May 1st - August 31st, see our Summer Partners


The Vigo team is made up of Cass and Emily - best friends, coffee lovers, want-to-be wine connoisseurs, documentary addicts, live music lovers, and hard working girl-bosses. 

"After exploring a nomad, backpacking lifestyle during summers away from university, we have settled into Calgary post-graduation. In the last year, we have had a personal dedication to fall in love with our city and try things outside of our comfort zones. We have found that adventure does not necessarily start with jumping on a plane and got inspired to get Calgarians out of their comfort zones, all while supporting the local economy and our fellow Calgarians."
                        - Emily & Cass

The Artist

The Artist


Jarett is a mixed media artist based in Calgary. His illustrations delve deep into the dreamlike and the fantastical, with outsider themes being a common thread within his work. 

He has created artwork for a wide variety of projects including, album covers, gig posters, band merch, editorial illustrations, magazine covers, music festival promo material, film festival promo, theatre productions, public art installations and more. In past years videos he has been involved with have been nominated for awards including a Juno Award for Best Video of the Year, a Much Music Video Award nomination for Rock Music Video of the Year, and a Much Music Video Award nomination for Best Post-Production in a Video. 

The Videographer

The Videographer

eric gonzalez

Eric is a videographer and editor with a keen interest in branding and digital marketing. He is known for producing campaigns that evoke an authentic representation of the physical and audial environment. Under Eric's direction, over 300 unique videos have been produced for clients throughout N.America bringing him to places such as Yellowknife, NWT and Sayulita MX. 

In 2015, Eric produced his first National TV commercial for Tourism Rossland. 
In 2016 one of the films was screened at the Art&Tur Film Festival. Eric has a B.Comm from the University of Calgary in addition to a National SFOC and Restricted Operators License (ROC-A).